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Opere di Cosimo Pellegrini


Cosimo's desire for paintings comes from his interior outburst and it is due to a stilistic research and chromatographic sedimentation.
At the beginning of 1980s he turns to painting, because it is the field of apparitions, the place of feelings in which combined forces and energies give birth to a composition of features and colours, which are typical of his art. These compositions are fitted to satisfy the necessity to convey a chromatic form to his project, to show the existence of beauty and to re-establish the reality cancelled by history and especially by abstractionism.
In his paintings art and life are reconciled. Old lacerations are sewed up through the power of colour and through the observance of the form and manner, thus revealing an uncommon artistic sensibility.
His painting gesture is particularly incisive. The crossing point of sign and colour is full of expressive lyricism in the attempt to model nature and to point out its frequence and dimension, which become structural elements.
The idea of separating the surface, dismantling and reassembling it, trying to interpret the project which moulded it and research to reveal its intrinsic and spiritual side, is to plunge in the unconscious and finally to leaven in extreme colours(Fauves).
It is clear, one day, the artist might think back to his steps, because in his historical dynamism we can notice the seed of abstractism. The initial works are the first steps, towards a synthesis, therefore towards abstractism, which is unreachable a priori.

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